Cost of IVF worldwide

Cost of IVF worldwide

Cost of IVF: A Comprehensive Guide

IVF is the most commonly used assisted reproductive technology. IVF (Also called IVF Package) can cost you up to 1,00,000-2,50,000 INR.

IVF is the most commonly used assisted reproductive technology, It is a process of fertilization where the sperm and eggs are combined together outside the body.

Infertility treatment sure can be an emotional journey but It’s a huge financial investment too.

IVF procedures are really costly, According to Grand View Research the global IVF market size was valued at 18.3 billion dollars in 2019, In India, the market size is about 525.8 million dollars.

IVF procedure sure costs a lot therefore it’s really important to make the right decisions while considering to go IVF procedure.

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Cost Breakup of IVF

In India, the whole process of IVF (Also called IVF Package) can cost you up to 1,00,000-2,50,000 INR which involves surgical procedure tests and treatments.

There are a lot of clinics that may claim to get the IVF done at much lower rates like 50,000-60,000 INR  but there will be several other costs that would be involved in the procedure which would add up to the original amount.

All costs mentioned in this blog have been referred from some of the most popular IVF Centres in India websites.

Since IVF is a costly treatment usually the first consultations with a doctor are free.

Investigation and Test10,000-15,000 Rs
(Excluding Fertility Drugs and Injectables)
50000-80,000 Rs
Cost of IVF can vary based upon the type of egg used in the procedure 
IVF Cycle ( Using Self Egg)80,000-.230000 Rs
IVF Cycle (Using Donor Egg)100000-250000 Rs
Cost of Donor Sperm If Required
(These costs are usually charged separately)
5000-10,0000 Rs
Cost of Donor Egg If Required
(These costs are usually charged separately)
30,000-60,000 Rs 
Cost of Donor Embryo If Required
(These costs are usually charged separately)
40,000-70,000 Rs
Following costs mentioned below may or may not be part of your IVF cost based on need and requirements that vary from couple to couple
Laser Assisted Hatching of Embryos15000 Rs
Blastocyst Culture for Embryos15000 Rs
Embryo Freezing
(Additional maintenance is to be paid at regular intervals like 6 months)
30,000-40,000 Rs 
Frozen Thaw Embryo Transfer (FET)40,000-50,000 Ra
Percutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration
5000-10,000 Rs
Testicular sperm extraction
20,000-30,000 Rs
Pre Implantation Genetic Screening (PGS)50,000-60,000 Rs (Per Embryo)

Many IVF clinics show alluring offers for IVF but you should always ask the clinic about all additional costs associated with the process.

Cost of IVF around the world in 2020

Cost of IVF Worldwide
Cost of IVF in Argentina4000-4500$
Cost of IVF in the United States 10,000-15,000$
Cost of IVF in the United Kingdom3200-5400$
Cost of IVF in Russia3800$-5000$
Cost of IVF in Japan2700$-4000$
Cost of IVF in China2300$-3500$
Cost of IVF in Saudi Arabia4000$-5000$
Cost of IVF in South Africa2300$-3500$
Cost of IVF in Singapore10,000$-15,000$
Cost of IVF in Canada7,000$-12,000$
Cost of IVF in Norway3000$-4000$
Cost of IVF in Qatar4000$-8000$
Cost of IVF in UAE9000$-18,000$
Cost of IVF in Iran2500$-3800$
Cost of IVF in Israel6000$-8000$
Cost of IVF in Korea4500$-8000$
Cost of IVF in Thailand3000$-4000$
Cost of IVF in Sweden4000$-5000$
Cost of IVF in Denmark3000$-4000$
Cost of IVF in Iceland5000$-6000$

Each year thousands of couples travel India for IVF, You might find the cost of IVF in India to be high but compared to other parts of the world it’s pretty low.

This has made India a hotspot for IVF treatment around the world. Let’s look at the cost of IVF in different countries 

How to lower the cost of IVF

To lower the cost of IVF you can

  • Look for a money-back guarantee: IVF is a really competitive market, you may require more than one IVF cycle to achieve pregnancy.

    Many clinics give a money-back guarantee if the IVF fails which can really be beneficial for you.

  • Join an Egg Sharing Program: Many people donate their eggs to help couples which can really help you lower the cost of IVF.

    Not only you avoid the cost of fertility drugs and injections (which cost around 40,000-60,000) you also increase your chances of successful IVF, If a couple has previously achieved pregnancy using those eggs your chances of successful IVF increase.

  • Travel for IVF: Travelling for IVF can be the right thing to do if you are not living in India.

    IVF costs around the world are really high compared to India and many clinics offer a special package of stay, treatment, and followup for international patients which makes it really convenient and cost-effective.

  • Look for the right IVF specialist and clinic: The cost of IVF becomes multifold because you may require more than 1 IVF cycle (In some cases 3-4) to achieve pregnancy, therefore, it’s really important to choose a right clinic and specialist.

    Try going for a clinic which has achieved pregnancy for many couples similar to you (In age and underlying problems)

  • Check your insurance: IVF is usually not covered under health insurance but if you are facing infertility due to some health conditions like endometriosis or PCOS you might be able to covert under your insurance.

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