There is no better alcohol detection device than the Soberlink system. You can take the SL2 breathalyzer with you everywhere you go because it is handheld and compact.

Users may submit their BAC tests discreetly from anywhere with cellphone service. A high-resolution camera looks over each user to make sure they’re legit. Due to the high grade fuel cell employed, all of the remote breathalyzer tests for BAC will be reliable.

A Facial Recognition System That Adapts To Your Emotions

With the help of this system and its corresponding technologies, identity verification may be done in real time, without the need for periodic human checks. Every breathalyzer photo is cross-referenced against a massive database of human faces.

When paired with the Soberlink App, available for free on iOS and Android smartphones, the Soberlink Connect can track your sobriety progress. Using the breathalyzer and accompanying software, one may monitor and report their blood alcohol content (BAC) from anywhere with a 4G or Wi-Fi connection.

The SL2 breathalyzer may be said to “learn” from each test that is run through it. The identity of the tester is protected by adjusting the apparatus to their specific anatomy.

Soberlink helps save family time from being ruined by drinking.

Soberlink SL2 has the potential to provide timely, accurate information. Modification-detection sensors and two-way parental communication features are built in.

  • Set up a testing routine that works for you, whether it’s once a week, every day, or only when you’re both available to take care of the child as co-parents.
  • Includes evidence of sobriety that can be used in court.
  • The portable device is convenient for testing in any setting.
  • Providing parents with an alternative to supervised visits.

By employing the Soberlink Device, both the accused and the accuser stand to benefit.

When visiting your parents, you may use the Soberlink SL2 app to demonstrate to them that you are not intoxicated. Soberlink may eliminate the need for monitored visits completely.

If your co parent has an alcohol problem, a Soberlink device may give you some piece of mind.

Professionals and judges in the area of family law.

Compared to other forms of monitoring available during a custody battle, Soberlink’s offers a number of advantages:

  • Contains material admissible in a court of law.
  • A piece of medical gear that has been given the green light by the Food and Drug Administration.
  • Automated reporting facilitates the submission of evidence of sobriety.
  • The only real-time face recognition program in the realm of family law.
  • Warns you if someone tries to tinker with the gadget.

A facial recognition camera is used by the Soberlink to track its users to ensure they are following their addiction treatment plans, staying inside their legal limits, and following all workplace safety protocols. The camera will verify that the report and the test done by two different people are consistent with one another.

Biometric authentication, like the camera, is becoming increasingly used in breathalyzers as a way of verifying user identities and enforcing sobriety regulations. Finding helpful reviews about Soberlink is a big assistance.


SOBERLINK, Inc. is an innovator in alcohol monitoring equipment that can be taken anywhere. In 2010, the founders of this firm set out to fill a need for an inconspicuous yet novel means of monitoring people’s sobriety levels. It has been demonstrated that this tool is essential to the recovery process.