Ketamine Therapy and Addiction

Contrary to intuition, the employment of psychedelics for addiction treatment traces back to at least the 1900s. Many individuals believe that the sole solution to addiction is complete abstinence from alcohol and all other substances. Nevertheless, they would be surprised to discover that one of the most successful alcohol addiction treatment groups was established after a psychedelic experience.

An article indicates that Charles B. Towns, who recently inaugurated the aforementioned hospital as a drug and alcohol treatment center, sought a credible figure to promote his cure and treat clients. Dr. Alexander Lambert, Theodore Roosevelt’s personal physician and a professor at Cornell Medical College, was an acknowledged “alcoholism expert.”

Towns and Lambert collaborated to develop the “miracle potion” they named Towns-Lambert Cure. Comprising belladonna (a psychoactive plant inducing hallucinations), henbane (a stimulant), and prickly ash, the Towns-Lambert Cure emerged.

It’s recounted that shortly thereafter, Wilson exclaimed to the heavens, “I’ll do anything! Anything!” and was then enveloped in a brilliant light. During this experience, he envisioned a community of recovering alcoholics supporting one another’s sobriety.

In a letter to esteemed psychologist Carl Jung describing his encounter, Wilson wrote: “Suddenly,” he depicted, “my room radiated an indescribable bright white light. I felt an indescribable ecstasy. In my mind, I perceived a mountain. At its summit, a powerful wind blew. Not a wind of air, but of spirit. It swept through me with immense, pure force. ‘You are now free.'”

Wilson sustained sobriety for 36 years after that psychedelic incident, until his passing in 1970. Less than a month after this hospitalization, Wilson, alongside Ohio surgeon Dr. Bob Smith, established Alcoholics Anonymous. The group’s core principle asserts that escaping addiction entails a parallel spiritual awakening to Wilson’s following the Towns-Lambert Cure. This inspires followers to “surrender their will and lives to God, as they understand Him.” Additionally, Wilson employed LSD to address his depression.

Ketamine Therapy: Shattering the Chains of Addiction

Ketamine, another psychedelic substance, has gained prominence in treating addiction disorders. Ketamine’s dissociative attributes can disrupt negative behavioral patterns, including those linked to alcohol use disorder. A study demonstrated that 86% of participants remained alcohol-free for six months after receiving ketamine treatment. Although ketamine has “adverse” effects such as memory disruption, this side effect could prove beneficial within the context of alcoholism. It can potentially overwrite memories tied to alcohol abuse and consumption.

Ketamine binds to the NMDA receptor (Glutamate), the brain’s primary excitatory neurotransmitter. Ketamine’s impact on glutamate and neuron metabolism during and after administration influences mood regulation, holding the potential for treating challenging psychological and neurological conditions.

At Florida Medical Pain Management, Ketamine is administered to clients for alcohol addiction treatment. It minimizes or even eradicates triggers associated with alcohol consumption. Ketamine Therapy demonstrates effectiveness in addressing alcohol addiction and related disorders due to multifaceted environmental factors, including social settings and drinking habits.

Addiction arises from the brain and body’s interaction with substances that alter consciousness, leading to the sensation of being “high.” As dependence deepens, one consumes increasing amounts of the substance, culminating in addiction. Ketamine binds to NMDA receptors, intercepting signals to the brain, and creating an opportunity for new connections to form.

At Florida Medical Pain Management, we recognize the arduous journey of overcoming substance abuse and addiction. Our primary objective is to utilize Ketamine Therapy to aid you in regaining control over physical and mental symptoms. This approach swiftly alleviates withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

Feel free to contact us today to arrange a consultation if you or a loved one are grappling with alcoholism or substance abuse. We’re here to provide comprehensive information about the clinical applications of Ketamine for substance abuse treatment.

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