Know About Dental Implantations And Their Types

Many of us are unfortunate to lose teeth due to various reasons. Sometimes it can be old age and other times, it could be an ugly incident or accident. In such cases, dental implants can help you to fix your dentures and replace lost teeth.

Dental implants (รากฟัน เทียม, which is the term in Thai) can help a person in various ways. It becomes efficient for one to eat their food without worrying. At the same time, a person with dental implantation can find it convenient to pronounce and speak due to the missing vent between teeth. The best part is that if you have undergone dental implantation, it can help you prevent various diseases, including tooth decay. Hence to avoid the extraction of other teeth, you can go for dental implantation.

Types Of Dental Implants

You may find various types and kinds of dental implants. But to choose one, you need to look at the stability, warranty of the product, implant surface, and screw strength. Here are the types of implants that you need to know about.

· General Dental Implant Placement

It is the most common type of placement. You can go for general dental placement at any point in time. You must wait for a few intervals before you experience the next implant placement. It is suitable for people who lose their teeth and do not want to wear removable dentures. People with strong jaws can also wear these dental implants.

· Immediate Dental Implant Placement

It is also known as one-day implants. These kinds of implants are placed immediately after you experience any tooth extraction. In some cases, the whole procedure can take at least three months to complete. But it generally depends on the diagnosis of the dentist. People with strong jaws can experience this implant placement.

· Placement With Immediate Crown

The specialist will place the crown or bridge to complete the implant process in this process. He will do that only after a proper diagnosis of the problem. You can also get immediate dental grounds and implants for people with strong jaws.

Bottom Line

When planning to go for dental implants Dubai, you need to ensure that your specialist is well-trained and skilled at doing the job. Only a clinic with a proper certificate can provide you with the best service. You must also approach your clinic if you are experiencing any problems related to your dental health.