Quarantine Detox: Perfect Time To Quit Smoking

This is the best time to quit smoking

Quarantine Detox: The Perfect Time To Quit Smoking.

This COVID-19 quarantine may be really beneficial for the smokers.Smokers around the world are quitting and perhaps now more than ever is the right time to quit smoking.

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.” –Tony Robbins

Everyone is waiting for the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) quarantine to over and while this quarantine is a loss for many people, It definitely can be a sweet deal for the smokers.

According to many this quarantine detox is the perfect time to quit smoking

If you are a regular smoker you might have tried to quit smoking but every time you quit smoking the plan got failed due to several reason like Maybe

You quit smoking but everyone around you continued smoking which made it hard

But one of the major reasons behind the failure is that 

Wherever you go out there is a Cigarette Shop or Vending Machine tempting you to smoke.

Well with the COVID-19 Quarantine you have a chance to leave this habit and start fresh as after the quarantine 

Why is it important to quit smoking now more than ever?

Quit Smoking~"It's Now or Maybe Never "
“It’s Now or Maybe Never “

More Prone to COVID-19: Ongoing research on COVID-19 has surely demonstrated one thing that the illness goes directly for the lungs.

A small study on 78 patients in China demonstrated that smokers were 14 times more likely to proceed to a more severe form of COVID-19.

Smokers are at risk as the habit damages cilia, hair-shaped cells in the lungs that move and remove out mucus and dirt.

That damage, in the long run will make  COVID-19 infection harder to shake 

It’s now or maybe never: This is the perfect opportunity for you to quit smoking more than ever because right now with everyone quarantined at their places,

So you don’t have to go out and you can easily prevent yourself from buying more cigarettes (For many of us buying cigarettes is not even an option ).

Well many of us must have stocked up a good amount of supplies for the quarantine and however painful it may sound but you should get rid of that stock of cigarettes you have at your place ASAP so that you have no option but to quit right away.

Considering the quarantine will last upto a month,You will get rid of this habit by the end of this pandemic. 

What will happen when you quit smoking?

Let’s go through the Detox Cycle:

First 72 Hours are the most crucial as the cravings irritation, Anger are at it’s peak.

as part of detox one may experience headaches, mild cough(This is just our bodies way of releasing toxins) and anxiety.

Cravings can be really challenging to mange but the key is always the determination behind quitting.

Your determination will help you get through this quarantine and hopefully through the smoker phase of your life

20 Minutes after our last cigarette

Our blood pressure and pulse rate starts returning to more normal levels.

In addition, Cilia  in the lungs that didn’t move well due to constant smoking will start to move again which will help reduce the risks for infection.

8 Hours after our last cigarette

Within eight hours, our carbon monoxide levels will return to a more normal level. Carbon monoxide is a chemical in cigarette smoke that replaces oxygen particles in the blood, lowering the amount of oxygen your tissues receive.

It’s likely to already feel some early cravings and doubts.

24 Hours after our last cigarette

By one whole day, we’ve already decreased our risks of having a heart attack. This is because of reduced constriction of veins and arteries as well as increased oxygen levels that go to the heart to boost its functioning.

This is when the anger and irritation trouble start,Mild cough can also be experienced.

48 Hours after our last cigarette

At 48 hours, damaged nerve endings start to regrow. We may also start to notice that senses and taste that were previously dulled due to smoking improve.

We may experience smelling and tasting things better than you were before. anger and irritation trouble are at its peak , cough can also increase a bit.

72 Hours after our last cigarette

Within three whole days after quitting smoking, We’ll find ourselves breathing more easily. This is because our lungs have started to relax and open up more. This makes air exchange between carbon dioxide and oxygen easier.

In addition, our lung capacity, or ability of the lungs to fill up with air, increases.Cravings start to lower a bit and we start accepting the fact that we can quit for real.

We will have the cravings for a smoke approximately 3 times a day and this will continue till a month.

One week after our last cigarette

The one-week milestone is important not only for our health, but for our success rate in quitting smoking successfully long term.

Smokers who successfully make it one week without smoking are nine times as likely to successfully quit.

The chances of quitting smoking for good increase with every attempt. If we can make it to one week, we can make it for a lifetime.

One month after our last cigarette

In just one short month, we can experience many health changes related to stopping smoking. One is feeling a sense of heightened overall energy.

We may also notice that many smoking-related symptoms have decreased, such as sinus congestion and shortness of breath with exercise.

In addition to these benefits, fibers in the lungs that help keep the lungs healthy are growing back.
These fibers can help reduce excess mucus buildup and protect against bacterial infections.Athletic endurance increases and a renewed ability for cardiovascular activities, such as running and jumping can be observed.

Three months after our last cigarette

Within three months after quitting, a woman can improve her fertility as well as reduce the risk that her baby will be born prematurely.

Six months after your last cigarette

After six months of quitting, many people often notice they’re better able to handle stressful events that come their way without feeling like they need to smoke.

They may also notice they’re coughing up much less mucus and phlegm. This is because the airways are much less inflamed without the constant exposure to cigarette smoke and the chemicals contained within cigarettes.

One year after our last cigarette

After one year of quitting smoking, our lungs will have experienced dramatic health improvements in terms of capacity and functioning.

We’ll notice how much easier you breathe when you’re exerting yourself and how much less coughing you have compared to when you smoked.

In addition to these health benefits, We’ll have saved a dramatic amount of money. Smoking cigarettes is expensive.

If one smoked a pack of cigarettes per day, you’ll have saved thousands of dollars at the one-year mark.

Three years after our last cigarette

In three years after quitting smoking, our risk of a heart attack has decreased to that of a nonsmoker.

Smoking not only limits oxygen flow to the heart. It also damages the lining of the arteries. Fatty tissue starts to build up, making it more likely that a person will experience a heart attack or stroke.

Quitting smoking can help reverse these effects and promote a healthier heart in the years to come.

Five years after our last cigarette

Five years after we stop smoking, your risk of death from lung cancer has dropped by half compared to when you smoked, according to the University of North Carolina.

10 years after our last cigarette

At the decade mark, our risk of dying due to lung cancer has decreased to that of a nonsmoker. The cells that were previously precancerous are now replaced with healthy cells.

In addition to decreasing the risks for lung cancer, our risk of developing smoking-related illnesses also goes down

The takeaway

At some point of time we have all thought of quitting smoking but we could not due many excuses that we have. This quarantine has come as an opportunity in disguise so let’s get rid of this habit once and for all.

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