What To Consider Before Choosing Hair Transplant Surgeon in India?

Pattern baldness, often known as a condition of hair thinning and ultimately hair loss due to genetic malfunction, affects many men and women worldwide. Due to how it presents, men and women experience pattern baldness differently.  In men, it typically begins as a large area on the scalp’s crown, a receding hairline on the forehead, or temporal triangles. It typically does not develop to baldness in women but instead manifests as hair thinning in the core area along the partition line.

As hair loss worsens, it affects a person’s aesthetic quotient and personality. The quality of life and self-confidence are significantly impacted.  In some circumstances, it could even result in social exclusion or anxiety/depression. The good news is that science has figured out a lasting fix for this issue. In a hair transplant or hair restoration treatment, your doctor transplants hair follicles or roots to the bald region of your body from donor sites like the back and sides of your head or other parts of your body.  The most typical sites for additional body donations include the chest, axilla, beard, etc. It is frequently carried out using either the FUT technique (Strip procedure) or the FUE technique.

The majority of international clients pick India as their destination for hair transplant tourism because of the country’s enormous popularity for hair transplants. You may be curious as to why India was chosen for the hair transplant. Here are the main justifications why individuals travel to India for hair loss treatment.  

  1. Just like their expense of living, the price of hair transplants in the west is skyrocketing. People have discovered an equally effective workaround to achieve the economical, efficient hair loss cure.
  2. Although foreign surgeons doing hair transplants may be competent, their experience is undoubtedly lacking. Due to the large population and heavy patient traffic brought on by the greater cost, reputable Indian doctors unquestionably have a wealth of expertise.

Dr. Suneet Soni is a well-known figure in the hair transplant profession thanks to his outstanding work throughout the years.  He is a leading cosmetic surgeon in Rajasthan who is well-known not just in the state but also throughout the entire nation.  The Medispa clinic was established by him in 2005. He is a passionate, motivated, and dedicated hair transplant specialist. Since then, there has been no turning back, and he has attained unprecedented levels of fame as a result of his tireless efforts, commitment, honesty, sincerity, and undeniably amazing abilities.

He actively participates in the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons (IAHRS), Association of Plastic Surgeons of India (APSI), and Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons (AHRS) as well as other international societies related to hair transplant.

He is unquestionably among the best hair transplant surgeons in India that you may select for assured positive outcomes. You may be confident that the outcomes of your hair transplant will be of the highest calibre thanks to his aesthetic sensitivity. 

How to find the best hair transplant surgeon in India?

The qualities that characterize the best hair transplant surgeon are the same worldwide. The justifications are as follows:

  1. Take a close look at the educational history of the hair transplant surgeon. The optimum candidate for a hair transplant surgeon is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon from a national or international organization.
  2. The surgeon’s experience is a crucial factor to take into account while assessing the surgeon’s calibre. The surgeon’s experience should be assessed in terms of the number of similar instances that he or she has handled as well as the number of years that the surgeon has been in practicing.
  3. It’s essential to review the before and after pictures of the surgeon’s prior operations. It helps assess the surgeon’s skills and sense of aesthetics. You may investigate the reputation of the hair transplant surgeon to get an idea of how others would react to the procedure the doctor has done. 
  4. There are several surgeons in India that treat each patient the same way. Since the technique is suitable for some hair loss sufferers but not for others, patient outcomes are hit-or-miss. It is crucial to evaluate the surgeon’s decision-making abilities since they must be comprehensive and based on the key aspects of the operation.
  5. We frequently fail to consider our level of familiarity with the team or the doctor’s behaviour. But it’s important to remember when it comes to medical treatments like hair transplantation. You may need to ask a lot of questions throughout the hair transplant operation, and this can only happen if you feel at ease around the personnel. Therefore, choose a hair transplant surgeon and team that you feel comfortable with. The team should exhibit all three qualities at once: support, compassion, and professionalism. The doctor you choose should answer all of your questions calmly and without pressuring you to undergo the operation and fork over the token amount.