A Brief Introduction To Double Eyelid Surgery

Double eyelid surgery is another name for Asian eyelid surgery. It is a surgery for the face that involves altering the skin around the eyes. This process was created to start by using an eyelid that lacked a crease and conclude with one eyelid that did.

In Asians, there are a few various techniques for producing a double eyelid, including a partial incision, a full incision, and no incision at all. Each technique has advantages that vary based on the patient and the Double eyelid surgery price, (ทำตาสองชั้น ราคา, which is the term in Thai).

How It Is Executed

This process is rather straightforward. Both the fat pads below the eyes and the under-skin tissue have a very little amount of extra skin removed. It resembles the conventional eyelid surgery procedure in certain ways. However, the performing eyelid surgeon must possess a thorough understanding of where to place the small incisions as well as how to get rid of the fat. The surgeon should also be aware of the amount to be removed and where to place the crease.

Preoperative Planning

Before having this operation, take adequate care to ensure a favorable outcome. Speaking with the doctor and paying attention to how they lead you is the best method to determine what has to be done.

Preparation Started Some Weeks Ago

You should either reduce or completely stop drinking alcohol a few weeks before your procedure. Consider taking prescription drugs only if the doctor gives you the green signal.

Preparation Made A Day Before

Make sure the following products are available in your house for use following your eyelid surgery the day before.

Preparation Made On The Day Of The Surgery

You may need to follow a different set of instructions on your treatment day depending on your surgeon. Ensure that you shampoo, shower, and clean your brows. Don’t use any kind of makeup that day. Put on comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. Do not use contact lenses, jewelry, or cosmetics.

Expectations For Recuperation And Results

The initial days after your treatment are extremely important. The crease could appear higher than it should, as you may have seen. But over the following few months, you’ll see that things start to make sense. For approximately a week after the procedure, you can also have some discoloration, swelling, and bruising. This will all recover a little more quickly if you adhere to the instructions provided by your surgeon.


When weighing the pros and downsides of this operation, the price might be among the most crucial factors. However, the price is dependent on many variables, including the kind and method that will be employed.