Common Questions about Chiropractic Visits

Chiropractic Visits

First time at a chiropractic office? Here are the answers to commonly asked questions

Neck, back, joint, and muscle pain are all reasons to schedule an appointment with a chiropractor in Brick.

However, if it is your first visit you probably have questions.

What should you wear to the visit, what to expect, and payment options are some of the common questions we’ll address.

Knowing the answers before walking through the door can make your visit go more smoothly.

Dress for Comfort

What to wear to a chiropractor Brick NJ office is a common question.

The best advice is to wear loose, comfortable clothing.

During your visit, the chiropractor will use various alignment techniques that often require the movement of your back, neck, legs, and arms.

Tight clothing can restrict your movements, making it more difficult for your chiropractor to effectively treat your chronic pain.

What to Expect on Your First Visit

You should plan on arriving a few minutes early for your first appointment with a chiropractor in Brick.

There’s some paperwork to fill out, and it can take a couple of minutes.

The forms are pretty basic. You’ll supply your personal information and answer a short health questionnaire. You may also be asked to supply information about your payment method.

A thorough exam is the next step. X-rays may be included, though it typically depends on the cause of your pain. For example, if the pain originated from an accident.

Your exam serves another purpose, other than helping to identify the injured area. It also helps the chiropractor develop an effective treatment plan.

Depending on your treatment plan, the chiropractor may ask you to perform some exercises. Massage therapy and a spinal adjustment are other common treatment options.

Before leaving the chiropractor Brick, NJ office, you will receive some advice on aftercare. It typically includes a list of exercises to help improve your mobility and to help reduce any lingering pain.

Are Spinal Adjustments Painful

The non-surgical procedure is relatively pain-free. You may feel some initial discomfort, but the sensation quickly passes.

During a spinal adjustment procedure, the chiropractor manually realigns the joint. A specialized tool may also be used to apply force to the affected joint.

Most patients report feeling relief from pain after an adjustment and improved mobility.

Even though you are feeling better after your first visit most patients return for another appointment, especially if they are managing chronic or acute pain.

Is Insurance a Payment Option

Most chiropractic offices accept insurance as a payment method.

However, not all health insurance policies cover chiropractic visits, so check with your carrier.

You also want to compare the deductible to the cost of the visit. Sometimes, it’s higher than what you owe for the treatment.

Don’t worry if you cannot pay the full amount up front. The majority of chiropractic offices offer payment plans. Some will even create a plan to fit your budget.

Chiropractic visits are also surprisingly affordable, unlike a visit to the ER or your primary care physician.