Everything You Need To Know About Korean Nose Surgery

Korea nose surgery (เสริมจมูกทรงเกาหลี, which is the term in Thai) requires a significant time, financial, and labor commitment. To be effective, a lot of meticulous planning is necessary. Our nose is the most prominent facial feature that draws the most attention. Many Koreans are concerned with modifying their noses to match their facial characteristics.

Koreans prefer nose bridges that are modest to medium in height since they appear more natural on Asian faces. When redesigning a Korean nose, elements, including the height of the nose bridge, also known as the size of the nostrils, and the length and width of the nose are frequently taken into account.

Korean Rhinoplasty

Korean rhinoplasty can be done to fix a septum that has deviated, a droop nose, alter the cartilage’s shape to correct a bulbous nose, alter the nose tip by making it upward-pointing, or decrease the overall dimensions of the nose. Additionally, rhinos are frequently sought to alter the shape and contour of the nose bridge.

Before any procedure or deposits are paid, the doctor must describe and talk about the risks alongside you. All surgery contains some level of risk. Neglecting those dangers could result in significant issues that would be expensive to resolve later.

Variations In Aesthetics

Western and Eastern ideas of beauty are usually different, so a Korean surgeon is likely to be surprised by what nose shape you want. When medical professionals are asked to do correction operations, we often hear accounts from individuals who had high hopes for the outcome But were shocked by the work since it didn’t turn out as they had imagined. Due to varying beauty standards, the medical professional who performed the work may still believe that whatever was done was utterly acceptable upon closer examination.

It only indicates a clear distinction between Western and Eastern views on what constitutes beauty; it says nothing about the plastic surgeon or the surgical procedure that was done. In addition, in these situations, the disparity in appearances is frequently caused by a patient and a cosmetic surgeon’s inability to communicate well.


Even while trying to get your nose surgery done for less money may be alluring, it is not worth taking the chance. If cost concerns you, it is best to talk to a trusted nearby surgeon about how to pay or start saving for the treatment.