Healthy Popsicles for this summer

The most important thing you can do for yourself during the hot summer months is to learn how to create healthy homemade popsicles. In addition to requiring minimal exertion on your part, the method gives you complete control over the ingredients. This includes not using any processed sweeteners, such as high fructose corn syrup, as well as any unusual colours or other unpleasant additives! What is the outcome? A nutritious dessert, snack, or treat that may be served at midday and that you will experience no remorse about serving to the entire family.

What makes these popsicles nutritious?

So, what exactly about these popsicles renders them “healthy”? With the exception of a trace amount of agave syrup used to balance the flavours of the fresh fruit, these popsicles are made exclusively from natural ingredients. Second, in order to conceal fresh carrots and spinach while maintaining the appearance of fruit, we disguise them behind the fruit. This is an excellent method for supplementing a child’s diet with the necessary vitamins and minerals, especially if the child does not like vegetables.

Tools You must create healthy popsicles.

To prepare this recipe for healthy popsicles, you will need a reliable blender, a popsicle mould, and possibly some wooden popsicle sticks. Here is a list of our preferred brands for each category…

Non-BPA Popsicle Moulds – These Healthy Popsicles receptacles can be cleaned in the dishwasher and are BPA-free. They are very easy to store, and they do not require much space in the storage area.

If you have an old-fashioned Popsicle mould that does not come with reusable Popsicle Sticks, this large container of wooden Popsicle Sticks will see you through the summer.

How to Make Popsicles from Scratch That Are Healthy

All that is required to create these healthy Popsicles is to place all the ingredients in a blender, give it a whirl, and then pour the mixture into the moulds. Then, all you have to do is sit back and watch the freezer work its wonders!

Vegetable Juice: If you have access to a juicer, juice the two large carrots, or substitute a quarter cup of carrot juice from the grocery store.

Combine the Ingredients Listed Below: Then, place the pitted apricots, spinach, blackberries, honey, and carrot juice in a blender and pulse until the mixture is completely pureed.

Place the Popsicles inside the freezer: Then, pour the smoothie mixture into the popsicle moulds and freeze until solid. Enjoy!

Three Suggestions for Customising Your Own Healthy Popsicles

  • The preparation of these popsicles is not particularly difficult, but we thought it would be useful if we provided some tips on how to personalise and customise them!
  • Create and serve them as popsicles. Add a quarter cup of Greek yoghurt or dairy-free yoghurt for a creamier Popsicle with a little extra protein and healthful fat.
  • Toss in some coconut flakes. If you like coconut, you can substitute the carrot juice with an equal quantity of full-fat coconut milk or water.

Whenever feasible, opt for natural sweeteners. If you don’t like honey’s flavour, substitute agave or maple syrup instead. You can even use date nectar or coconut sugar.

Combinations of Flavours That Are Unique

Altering the fruit and fruit juice used to make these Popsicles is yet another method to give them a personalised touch. However, the quantity of spinach in each variation will remain constant.

Standard Strawberry and Banana

  • The ingredients used to make popsicles are freshly strained apple juice, fresh strawberries, and ripe, frozen bananas.
  • Tropical fruit popsicles are prepared with fresh orange juice, pineapple, and mango.
  • Green smoothie popsicles with mature bananas, avocados, and apples.
  • Watermelon, peach, and blueberry popsicles all blended together.

When preparing popsicles in advance, wrapping each one in plastic wrap and placing them in a container with a tight-fitting lid is the best way to ensure that they remain fresh for an entire month.