How to incorporate kratom liquids into your daily routine for maximum benefits?

Kratom liquids are growing in popularity as an efficient method for harnessing the many reported wellness benefits of the Mitragyna speciosa tree’s leaves. By liquefying potent kratom alkaloids into highly absorbable tinctures, drinks, and extracts, effects can be faster acting and longer lasting. These liquids broadly refer to any kratom product where active alkaloids are suspended or dissolved into an easy-to-consume fluid format. 

  • Tinctures – Kratom alkaloids are extracted from crushed leaves using ethanol/water solutions after soaking them for long periods of time. The result is a highly concentrated and portable liquid. 
  • Kratom teas – Simple hot water or tea bags provide aqueous extraction preparing traditional kratom tea drinks. Faster acting but less potent than tinctures.  
  • Enhanced kratom drinks – Kratom tea or powder to which concentrated kratom extract has been added amplifying potency and effects substantially.
  • Kratom extract shots – Small yet extremely potent servings of purified liquid kratom extract made via advanced processes isolating primary alkaloids into a convenient bottled shot.

Benefits of kratom liquids

  1. Bypass powder hassles – No more choking down dry bitter powders or masking taste with juice mixes. Liquids mean easy, pleasant ingestion.
  2. Efficient absorption – Without needing digestion, the body’s uptake of alkaloids in solution is rapid and efficient taking full effect quickly. 
  3. Easy measurement – Preportioned amounts allow easy tracking of usage and gauge tolerances.
  4. Enhanced potency – Advanced extraction and concentration methods make liquids extraordinarily potent maximizing precious leaf supplies.
  5. Shelf stable – Properly stored kratom liquids maintain potency and freshness on the shelf for months avoiding degradation issues of raw powders.  

Integrating kratom liquids

With so many new kratom liquid products flooding the market, properly vetting source, quality, and fabrication methods are key to finding genuine and safe formulations. When assessing a new kratom liquid – regardless of marketing claims – start very low with dosage, allow ample time for full effects to emerge then increase incrementally if desired. Carefully observe and record the effects of a new liquid at a specific dose. In this intelligence mit45 review, we provide an ideal personalized dosage for the long term.  

Cycle liquid varieties 

Rotate the use of different liquid products to capitalize on the uniqueness of each avoiding alkaloid regulation and promoting sustained efficacy from all. Be sure to consume sufficient water before and after the use of kratom liquids facilitating dilution and circulation of alkaloids while limiting dehydration. Consume potentiating foods/herbs like grapefruit juice, turmeric, and black pepper shortly after kratom liquids to boost bioavailability and sustained benefits. Strictly limit overall consumption frequency and quantity of potent kratom liquids long term following the guidance of experienced resources to retain effects.  

Ideal daily integration regimen 

  • 8-9 AM – Take kratom liquid tincture or enhanced kratom drink early in the AM on an empty stomach. Start with a 1mL tincture or 2 oz enhanced drink. 
  • 9:30 AM – Drink grapefruit juice and take turmeric/black pepper caps to amplify liquid effects.  
  • Early PM – Consume a different kratom liquid like extract shot or tea targeting any needed motivation/energy boost in the afternoon while avoiding sleep interference. 
  • Evening – Have some relaxing Red Vein tincture or tea targeting nighttime anxiety and sleep issues if they exist.

Consume enough water all day long. Avoid any kratom liquid for 1-2 days each week to maintain a sense of balance and prevent building excess tolerance.