How to refill and reuse your weed pen cartridges?

Consuming cannabis with weed pens has become extremely popular in recent years. Pre-filled weed pen cartridges provide a convenient and discreet way to vape THC oil. However, once the oil in the cartridge runs out, many people simply throw out the cartridge and buy a new one. Home refilling and reusing empty weed pen cartridges is an easy solution! In addition to reducing waste, refilling cartridges allows you to choose your own THC oil or distillate.

What you’ll need?

Refilling weed pen cartridges is a simple process that only requires a few items:

  • Empty weed pen cartridges
  • Cannabis concentrates like oils, distillates, or thick extracts
  • A small syringe, dropper, or filling tool
  • Paper clips (to access the fill holes)
  • Silicone container or jar (to store oil)
  • Paper towels

The key is to have empty cartridges and concentrated cannabis extracts to refill them. Products like shatter, badder, distillate, or thick cannabis oil work best. Always handle everything carefully and over a clean surface.

How to open and refill cartridges?

  • Gather your empty cartridge, filling tool, cannabis extract, and other supplies. Work over a clean surface like a table or tray.
  • Use a paperclip to pry the cartridge mouthpiece off. Be careful not to damage the weed pen
  • Check the fill hole underneath the mouthpiece. Some cartridges have a rubber stopper you need to carefully remove before you can fill them.
  • Use your syringe, dropper, or filling tool to transfer your cannabis oil or distillate into the fill hole. Go slowly and carefully fill it around 80% full. Don’t overfill the cartridge.
  • Use a paper towel to gently wipe any overflow oil from the sides of the cartridge fill hole.
  • Replace the rubber stopper or close the fill hole if needed.
  • Carefully press the mouthpiece back onto the cartridge until it clicks securely.
  • Turn the cartridge upside down and check for any leaks. Wipe any excess oil away.
  • Let the refilled cartridge sit upright for 5-10 minutes so the oil soaks into the wick before use.
  • Attach to your battery and enjoy! Start on low voltage and work upwards.


  • Go slowly when filling to avoid overfilling and leaking. About 80% full is ideal.
  • When prying off mouthpieces, use gentle pressure and twist slowly. Don’t force anything.
  • Store oil in an airtight silicone container when not in use to preserve freshness.
  • Glass syringes make refilling easier than droppers. The blunt tip gets into fill holes.
  • Heat thick oils like shatter before pouring them into cartridges to get them liquid.
  • Let cartridges sit for 5+ minutes after filling so oil saturates the wick fully.
  • Start on the lowest voltage and work up to avoid burning. Burnt hits mean the voltage is too high.
  • Don’t refill cartridges more than 2-3 times. The wick gets clogged and degrade over time.
  • Clean cartridges with isopropyl alcohol between refills to keep things hygienic.
  • Don’t use oil that’s too thick or it could clog. Distillates and thinner oils work best.

Saving money and enjoying THC oils and distillates are accomplished by refilling and reusing weed pen cartridges.