Ways to take care of your mental health 

By the end of the pandemic, people are realizing that they are not in a good mental state. As people are becoming more aware of mental health, they are also suffering more than they used to in the past. You will find one in every six people who are suffering mentally. As per the experts doing ABA therapy in New York, around 3.6% of the global population suffers from anxiety disorders. It is very important to take care of your mental health. If you are not feeling mentally good, you should consider mental health therapy. There are various therapies that are meant to cure ones in a mental state of mind. However, this blog will help you in taking care of your mental health so that you do not suffer from extreme mental breakdown. 

  • Talking to people you trust

If you feel like suffocating, and you cannot fathom your mental health, talk to someone you trust. It may be your parents, siblings, friends, or someone you know. If you do not have anyone or you are not feeling like sharing anything with the people you know, there are various helplines who are waiting to listen to your problems. When you talk to people around you, you will feel comfortable and it will usher a sense of belonging. This feeling will keep you mentally calm and peaceful.

  • Try to indulge in physical activities

When you are involved in a physical activity, the brain releases a feel good chemical. It makes you feel content and positive. Have you ever been to a gym and after you are done with your workout, you feel like you have conquered the whole world? This is due to the release of the feel good chemicals. You can start your day with a light exercise or yoga. If you are too tired in the morning or you do not have time, any time of the day is good to work out. For extremely busy people, it is suggested that you take a 10 minute walk throughout the day. You can use your cell phone to set reminders that will notify you the time to walk.

  • Try learning new skills

Make yourself busy. Busy does not mean to involve yourself in a load of work pressure. Do things that you are wishing to do for a long time. It might be a hobby that you loved during your childhood, or it might be a passion that you meant to learn, but did not get a chance. You can either take photography classes, dance classes, pottery, classes, etc. Learning a new skill is always exciting and it will soon change your mind. You will be able to focus on things that are newly added to your life.